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About CentralNic Group

In 2018, CentralNic celebrated 22 years as a leading member in the domain industry. CentralNic began by using its own unique portfolio of domain names including UK.COM and EU.COM to sell third-level domain names such as AVON.UK.COM. Since its establishment, CentralNic has built up an unparalleled global distribution network of over 1,500 businesses authorised to retail the CentralNic managed portfolio. This representing well over 50 per cent of the global retail market. Over the years, CentralNic has expanded its operations to acquire, support and manage on behalf of others many other top level domain extensions (including .XYZ, .LA and .PW). It offers these to its global distribution network and shares the revenues received.

During 2011 and 2012, CentralNic embarked on a number of growth strategies, including winning new gTLD and ccTLD clients. CentralNic secured contracts with clients applying for 60 new domain endings to provide registry, distribution, marketing and policy and abuse management services.

In 2013, CentralNic became an AIM listed company (LON:CNIC) and, later that same year purchased the rights to the DomiNIC domain management platform which is used by Telcos and large corporations to manage portfolios of domain names. In 2014, CentralNic acquired, a Top 20 global domain name registrar with customers in nearly 200 countries. Also in 2014, CentralNic took a minority stake in Accent Media the owner of the new domain name extension .TICKETS. In 2015, CentralNic continued to execute on its acquisition strategy with dnsXperts, a German software development company specialising in domain name management platforms for Telcos and large corporations.

2016 proved to be a transformational year for CentralNic. Early in 2016, CentralNic announced the acquisition of Instra Group, a large, Australian based ICANN accredited registrar and supplier of associated services to individuals and corporations.

In December 2017, CentralNic completed its purchase of SK-NIC, the domain name registry and owner of the Slovakian domain extension .SK. CentralNic continues to expand its operations, through a combination of organic growth and through acquisitions to encompass corporate domain management, and distribution to individuals, companies, resellers and domain investors.

In August 2018, CentralNic achieved another milestone when it acquired KeyDrive, a global technology business and leading domain registrar which manages nearly 6 million domain names on behalf of companies, resellers and individuals. This acquisition has doubled the size of the company and adds strength in depth in the reseller registrar, corporate domain management and brand protection parts of the business. Following swiftly, in September 2018, came the acquisition of GlobeHosting a registrar and retailer of domain names and SSL certificates, and a hosting provider servicing principally the Romanian and Brazilian markets.

The next big step in CentralNic’s efforts to further strengthen its position in the domain name industry was taken in June 2019 with the acquisition of HEXONET/1API, a market leader in domain name platforms and services for thousands of reseller clients from around the globe. With the combination of the complementary technologies, people and expertise of Key-Systems, PartnerGate and now HEXONET the realization of CentralNic’s vision of the next generation domain name reseller platform is within reach.

CentralNic founded in 1996

September 2013

Listed on AIM

December 2013

Acquired DomiNIC Software (Germany)

June 2014

Acquired (Bahamas)

September 2014

Acquired 10% Accent Media Ltd (UK)

July 2015

Acquired dnsXperts (Germany)

January 2016

Acquired Instra (Australia / New Zealand)

December 2017

Acquired SK-NIC (Slovakia)

August 2018

Acquired KeyDrive Group (Luxembourg / Germany)

September 2018

Acquired GlobeHosting Inc. (USA)

June 2019

Acquired HEXONET (Germany / Canada)