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CentralNic to launch 25 web address endings

Source: Proactive Investor.

[February 28, 2014] CentralNic (LON:CNIC) is set to launch 25 web address endings as it readies itself for a momentous change in the internet landscape.

The company, which sells on the letters at the end of internet addresses, is launching .wiki and .xyz among other so-called top level domains, which will soon begin to replace the traditional .com and .co endings to website addresses.

CentralNic, which floated for 55p in September last year and is now trading for 80p, also said 27 more applications have passed the initial evaluation from the governing body ICANN.

CentralNic’s clients also have an additional 23 new top level domains that are currently in the contracting process with ICANN, including .bar and .college.

Chief executive Ben Crawford said: “In this, the biggest change to the internet since its inception, each new gTLD launching represents a completely new alternative to the traditional domain extensions such as .com and – creating new, relevant and meaningful domain names that are compelling both for well established markets and for the vast number of potential internet users in developing countries.

“The CentralNic board is excited to be taking such a strong list of new Top-Level Domains to market, from the most generic and universal of all gTLDs [generic top level domains], .xyz, to gTLDs designed for significant and clearly-defined verticals such as .bar, .college and .wiki.”

Shares in Top Level Domain Holdings (LON:TLDH), which also bids for web address endings, trebled at the end of last year.

CentralNic To Begin Launching New Domains From March 3

Source: London South East.

[February 28, 2014] LONDON (Alliance News) – CentralNic Group PLC said Friday that it will begin launching its 25 uncontested new generic top-level domain names, including .bar, .college, .wiki and .xyz, starting from next week.

CentralNic said it also had 27 generic top-level domain applications that have passed initial evaluation from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which are now going through the process to resolve competition over the applications.

A top level domain name is the suffix of an internet address such as .com or .net which are designated to approved organisations by ICANN. ICANN has only allowed a relatively small number of domains until now, such as .com, .org and .gov, but following a change of rules governing domain names it is now allowing a plethora of new domains to go online.

The first launch will be .wiki, which will be available for registration to trademark holders on March 3, and to others May 8. This will be following by .xyz, available to trademark holders March 20 and others May 20.

CentralNic’s remaining 23 uncontested domains are currently in the contracting process with ICANN, these include .bar, .college and .fans.

The company is currently battling over 24 further domains it has applied for, including .app, .blog, .mail and .news amongst others.

Shares in CentralNic were trading down 2.4% at 80.00 pence Friday morning.

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