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News from 2015

Google Alphabet’s .xyz domain boosts Aim-listed CentralNic

Source: Financial Times.

Shares in a little-known London-based business have surged this week on the back of Google’s decision to use the web address for its new parent company.

Aim-listed CentralNic has an exclusive deal to market and manage the .xyz web domain on behalf of Daniel Negari, a 29-year-old US entrepreneur who created the new suffix last year.

CentralNic’s share price jumped 26 per cent on Thursday and has risen by almost half since Monday, when Google announced that it would restructure its businesses under a new holding company called Alphabet. Google gave Alphabet the web address because suitable names in traditional domains such as .com and .net were already taken. is owned by BMW.
Hundreds of so-called “top level web domains” have been launched over the past three years after a relaxation of regulations at Icann, the body that governs web addresses.

CentralNic said .xyz is the most popular new top level domain in terms of registrations. In the 90 days to the end of last week, it had about 222,000 registrations — an average of 2,466 a day. After Google announced Alphabet on Monday, daily demand has tripled.

Ben Crawford, CentralNic’s chief executive, said websites had been attracted to the suffix .xyz because “it’s completely generic and versatile” and “can be used for anything”.

CentralNic is one of many companies seeking to exploit rising demand for new top level domains. Rivals include Verisign, the $8bn Nasdaq-listed company that operates .com and .net, and Neustar, the New York-listed group that manages domains including .us and .biz.

Founded in 2000, CentralNic provides technology for managing domains and wholesales the domains to retailers such as GoDaddy, which sell them on to individual businesses and consumers.

CentralNic manages other domains including .love, .tech and .bank.
The company receives a share of the revenues whenever someone registers a website in these domains.

Mr Crawford declined to provide details on the precise revenue split with domain owners such as .xyz’s Mr Negari, only that “it’s enough to keep us highly motivated”.

He added that the company stands to benefit from the fact that its costs are relatively fixed, meaning increasing revenues should have a big effect on its profits.

Peel Hunt, CentralNic’s house broker, forecasts the company will generate pre-tax profits of £2.2m on total net revenues of £10.1m in 2015.

CentralNic’s shares rose to 59p on Thursday, giving the company a market capitalisation of about £28m.

Ben Crawford was asleep 12,000 km (7,500 miles) from Google Inc’s Mountain View, California headquarters this week when the Internet giant unveiled its new face.

Crawford, chief executive of London-based CentralNIC Group Plc, woke up in Sydney to learn that the domain powered by his company – .xyz – would host the website of Google’s new company, Alphabet Inc.

Google registered as Alphabet’s website because is owned by German automaker BMW.

“I read it and I was amazed,” said Crawford, whose company’s shares have soared almost 50 percent since Google stunned the market with the announcement of its reorganization on Monday.

Companies such as CentralNIC provide the technology that powers the registry of domains sanctioned by ICANN, which oversees the introduction of new Internet addresses. Since 2014, ICANN has been introducing hundreds of new so-called top-level domain addresses, such as .london and .sex.

Google’s move to use .xyz is a strong endorsement of these new domains that give users more choice and flexibility as the Internet grows bigger. Registrations on the .xyz domain have increased by more than 27,000 since Google’s announcement, according to

CentralNIC is the exclusive wholesaler for .xyz, by far the most popular of the new domains. It was created last year by 29-year-old Daniel Negari, ICANN’s youngest registry operator.

Companies like CentralNIC sell these domains through retailers such as GoDaddy Inc and MarkMonitor, a company owned by Thomson Reuters Corp.

Google bought the rights to from MarkMonitor, which registered the address in March 2014.

CentralNIC will get a share of the annual subscription that Google will pay to keep the website. Crawford declined to say how much his company would make off

Premium top level domains, such as and, typically sell for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in privately negotiated deals.

For instance, was bought by Tencent, China’s largest Internet service portal, for $8 million earlier this month.

“I don’t believe was anything like that amount, but in terms of how much a domain name can sell for, that’s around the top of the range,” 50-year old Crawford, still on holiday, told Reuters on Thursday.

“I guess that’s the message that Google wanted to get across: that Alphabet is the Internet business of the future.”

Thanks to Google’s Alphabet, .Xyz Will End .Com Dominance

Source: Wired.

DANIEL NEGARI IS the founder of .XYZ, the company that acts as the registry operator for the .xyz domain. When I interviewed him for WIRED’s April issue, he told me, “We end the alphabet in ‘xyz’ and we should end domain names the same way.”

It turns out someone agrees with him. Yesterday, Google’s new holding company, Alphabet, revealed that it is making its online home at—a move that could signal an end to .com dominance for good.

Negari launched .XYZ last year to get into the generic top-level domain business. What are gTLDs? Whatever follows the “dot” in a URL: Most notably, “.com,” a term that has come to symbolize a whole lot more than a punctuation mark and three letters might suggest.

Over the past two years, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has slowly released new gTLDs. Though the Internet can seem infinite, Internet real estate is not and most of the “good dot coms” are taken, leaving people struggling to create sites with simple, easy-to-find addresses. (In the case of Alphabet, routes to the television network site and leads to info about a car-leasing management group.)

The solution: To expand beyond .com, .gov, .net, and .edu with new top-level domains approved by ICANN. The non-profit has introduced more than 700 new gTLDs to the Internet so far. Just submitting an application to operate a new gTLD costs $185,000 and, in cases where more than one entity laid claim to a gTLD, bidding wars skyrocketed into the multi-million-dollar range. Tech giants including Google and Amazon entered bidding wars for hot domains such as .book and .app. But there are new players, too, including companies and entrepreneurs dedicated solely to the gTLD business, like .XYZ. Negari’s group bases its entire business model on selling domains at wholesale to registrars like GoDaddy.

The Dot-Pizza Bubble

Though new gTLDs are filling an obvious need, many have crossed the line into the plain bizarre — there’s .pizza for pizza restaurants, .Kim for people named Kim, .ninja for sites about expertise, and .porn for…well, you get the idea. Even .xyz, which is marketed to the next generation of Internet users, became the butt of a joke on HBO’s Silicon Valley.

There have been other shortcomings, too: Some search engines still push old-school gTLD results above ones with the newer configurations. Search for “.xyz” in Google; the top-ranked site is, which was founded in the 1990s and purchased by Negari to reroute visitors to

But the surprise news about Alphabet may dispel concerns about search rankings and shift the thinking about gTLDs, says Negari, who has control of eight gTLDs, including .college, .rent, and .security. “Obviously, Google believes in it if they’re rebranding on .xyz,” he told me after the news of Alphabet and its new URL broke. “This is the ultimate validation.”

The news hasn’t been bad for business, either: .XYZ normally gets 3,000 new registrants per day. Today, Negari said last night that they were on track to get


When I mentioned Negari’s quote to him—the one about the alphabet ending in “xyz”—he laughed. “I guess now Google ends Alphabet with xyz, too.”

Growth is as easy as XYZ for CentralNic

Source: The Times.

A SPATE of firms have signed up to get internet website addresses ending in ‘.xyz’ in the two days after Google announced its new holding company Alphabet would use the suffix.

Internet sites traditionally end in ‘.com’ or ‘’, but new rules have liberalised web addresses and allow more creative names.

Sites ending in .london or .secure have been popular, with companies keen to highlight their location or authenticity in the website addresses.

But now Google has sparked a rush for sites ending .xyz. The internet giant this week announced a major restructuring that will see it cleft in two. Its mature parts, such as YouTube and phone operator Android, will be in one division, with driverless cars and biotech initiatives in the other arm.

The holding company, Alphabet, will use the website address, it announced.

It is not known if Google tried to secure the website, which is owned by BMW. The German car-maker owns a business called Alphabet, which provides fleets of company cars.

BMW said it would not sell the website to Google, and said it was ‘examining whether there are any implications over trademarks’.

Whether or not Google enters a legal dispute, its announcement led to a flurry of interest. Some 14,631 signed up to register .xyz names in the two days after Google compared with an average of just 2,500 a day before the announcement.

There are around 120m .com addresses registered and only 1.15m .xyz sites.

But Ben Crawford, chief executive of internet name distribution company CentralNic, which manages the allocation of .xyz addresses, said: ‘Xyz is by far the most popular of the new domain names.’

Google’s New Parent Company Alphabet Has a Killer URL

Source: Wired.

WHEN YOU’RE THE world’s dominant Internet company, you need a great URL. And Alphabet, the new parent company spawned from Google’s surprise reorganization, doesn’t disappoint. Head on over to to read Google co-founder Larry Page’s explanation of why he decided to remake Google for the post-dotcom era. Just one small irony:

Google does not own “”
– Nicholas Carlson (@nichcarlson) August 10, 2015

Google fuels Alphabet rush

Source: Mail Online.

Google’s Alphabet spells good news for CentralNic

Source: Proactive Investor.

Much is being said about Google and its transformation into a new company, called Alphabet; it is perhaps the most ubiquitous company of the digital age after all.

Ask any stranger at random to name a web site and most would as reflex say

It was likely the default page for most PC users for the past decade and a half.

One might expect the new address (or strictly speaking the domain) for Alphabet’s initial pages to be – but it is not; instead the Internet behemoth has gone for the phonetically pleasing domain name.

That address currently brings up a corporate placeholder page, hosting an open letter from Larry Page, Google’s co-founder and Alphabet’s chief executive, and it is not yet clear quite how many pages will migrate as Alphabet is established.

Nevertheless, it appears the most high profile adoption of a generic top level domain so far.

In terms of credibility, if not celebrity intrigue, it certainly trumps the story about singer Taylor Swift buying up the ‘.xxx’ and ‘.adult’ domains before anyone else could.

The register for the .xyz domain is run by CentralNic (LON:CNIC), and it is just one of many new generic domains that the AIM quoted firm is involved with – others in no particular order are .college, .bar and .rest as well as the .press and .wiki domains.

CentralNic chief executive Ben Crawford said: “There could be no clearer endorsement than the world’s number one internet business Google choosing a .xyz domain for the website of its new parent company, Alphabet.

Crawford highlighted that Google is ” the single most important anchor tenant” for Verisign, which acquired the registry business for the .com domain in2000, and is today worth over US$8bn.

“Fifteen years later, the internet has evolved and Google has selected a .xyz domain name for Alphabet,” he added. “.xyz is the domain name of the future, and CentralNic is delighted to be the exclusive global technical platform supporting this internet revolution,” he added.

Precisely how much Google’s use of a .xyz domain will make for the company remains to be seen, though Crawford has revealed that July was .xyz’s second best month on record for revenue and he says that August has already beaten that achievement.

CentralNic in 2014 achieved earnings of £1.7mln from revenues of around £6mln, and City broker Peel Hunt in April said it expected the company to follow up the expectation-meeting performance with strong growth over the coming three years as the market for generic web domains expands.

Last month, CentralNic told investors it was set to receive US$1mln from a premium domain name sales agreement, and said it was reinvesting the cash to expand its existing portfolio of around 20,000 premium domain names.

Google Alphabet news causes CentralNic shares to jump 50%

Source: Domain Name Wire.

Shares in .xyz services company are up big this week.

Shares in domain name registry company CentralNic have jumped about 50% since Monday afternoon. The company thinks this is due to Google’s selection of the domain name for its new company Alphabet.

CentralNic is the backend registry provider for .xyz domain names.

Shares on the London AIM (CNIC) traded for about 40 pence on Monday afternoon, and have shot up to 61 pence at the time of writing.

CentralNic issued a statement this morning:

The Board of CentralNic plc, (AIM:CNIC), the internet platform business which derives revenues from the global sale of domain names, believes that the recent movement in the Company’s share price is related to media comment surrounding the recent announcement by Google to adopt the suffix .xyz for use by its new identity “Alphabet”, the principal website of which will be CentralNic is the exclusive global wholesaler for .xyz, receiving a share of revenues for all .xyz domains registered.

The Board wishes to make it clear that although the recent announcement by Google was very positive, the growing interest in .xyz was expected as awareness and usage of .xyz and CentralNic’s other new Top-Level Domains continues to expand.

The Company continues to trade in line with market expectations for the current year to 31st December 2015.

Google’s just put this guy on the map

Source: CNBC.

Here’s one giant winner in Google’s rebranding announcement: Daniel Negari.

Negari is the founder and CEO of, an Internet domain registry that owns alternative suffixes like .rent and .college. His 10-person company also owns .xyz. is the web address for Google’s new parent entity, Alphabet Inc.

“Our registry is lighting up right now,” said Negari, in an interview Monday afternoon following Google’s announcement. “I’m seeing all kinds of names being registered. I just got 250 names registered in the last 60 seconds. It’s crazy.”

In a full day, Negari said about 3,000 addresses are typically registered under .xyz. Domains with that extension can be purchased from services such as GoDaddy for $10 a year and Namecheap for a first-year fee of $1.

Negari is cashing in thanks to a 2011 decision by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) designed to expand access to extensions beyond .com, .org and .edu. The market opened up to those websites in 2014.

Of the more than 350 new extensions that are now available, .xyz is by far the most popular, with 1.14 million domains having been registered, according to nTLDstats. The next most active is .science with over 326,000, followed by .club with over 278,000.

Negari, who turned on .xyz to the public in June 2014, declined to say how much Google paid for, citing a confidentiality agreement. To acquire the .xyz extension, Negari paid a mere $185,000 application fee. There were no other applicants, so Negari didn’t have to bid in an auction.

A spokesperson from Mountain View, California-based Google said “we have nothing to add here.”

Google announced on Monday a dramatic restructuring that breaks out the Web giant’s core business into a separate company under a new umbrella called Alphabet. Other companies that will be part of Alphabet are the life sciences unit and Calico, which is focused on longevity.

Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, will assume the CEO role of Alphabet, with Google co-founder Sergey Brin serving as president. Sundar Pichai, head of product and engineering, is now CEO of Google. Alphabet is replacing Google as the publicly-traded entity.

Currently, is just a landing page, with a letter from Page explaining the changes and some blocks with letters.
That’s providing plenty of attention for Negari.

“It’s a big deal for new top-level domains as a whole,” said Negari, who has operations in Santa Monica, California, and Las Vegas. “It’s a big signal that Google, which is the largest search engine in the world, believes in it enough to switch to one.”

CentralNic Group plc Share Price Movement and Google Inc News

Source: Directors Talk.

CentralNic Group plc (LON:CNIC), the internet platform business which derives revenues from the global sale of domain names, has announced today that it believes that the recent movement in the Company’s share price is related to media comment surrounding the recent announcement by Google to adopt the suffix .xyz for use by its new identity “Alphabet”, the principal website of which will be CentralNic is the exclusive global wholesaler for .xyz, receiving a share of revenues for all .xyz domains registered.

The Board wishes to make it clear that although the recent announcement by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) was very positive, the growing interest in .xyz was expected as awareness and usage of .xyz and CentralNic’s other new Top-Level Domains continues to expand. The Company continues to trade in line with market expectations for the current year to 31st December 2015.

CentralNic Group plc (CentralNic) is a United Kingdom-based holding company. The Company provides domain name registry, registrar and enterprise services. The Company operates through three divisions: registry services, which wholesales domains as a business-to-business supplier; registrar services, which retails domains directly to end users, and enterprise services, which sells domains to enterprise clients. The registry services (wholesale) business provides technical and operational services through its domain provision, billing and cash collection platform. The Company offer domain names for building Websites, e-mail, protect the brand or business name, capture online traffic and investment. Its platform supports three categories of domain extensions, including new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs), country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) and Second Level Domain extensions (SLDs).

Alphabet, Google’s New Company, Has the Most Unusual URL


But it makes a lot of sense.

Because Google has expanded far beyond its original core purpose—online search—the company announced yesterday that it is creating a new entity, called Alphabet.

“Alphabet is mostly a collection of companies. The largest of which, of course, is Google,” Larry Page, the co-founder of Google and now the CEO of Alphabet, said on Monday. Other companies that now fall under the domain of Alphabet rather than Google include Calico, the research and development operation focused on helping humans live longer and healthier lives.

With the creation of Alphabet, “we can run things independently that aren’t very related,” Page explained. And at least one of the main reasons the name “Alphabet” was chosen seems pretty obvious: This is a company that aspires to cover everything from A to Z.

Hence the unconventional new company’s url, which doesn’t end with .com or .biz. Instead, Alphabet’s cheeky, memorable url is

Interestingly, Google created Alphabet even though it doesn’t own the url or the Twitter handle @alphabet. As Wired put it in a headline on Monday, the guy who owns the latter is very likely to get “PAAAAID” by Google, or rather Alphabet, to give the Twitter handle up. As for the former (, TechCrunch reports that the url is actually owned by BMW. Throughout the morning on Tuesday, we couldn’t get to work–presumably because it was dealing with too much traffic.

Few regular followers of Small Cap and AIM quoted stocks could fail to have caught a glimpse of yesterday’s sharp share price rise in CENTRALNIC, which has continued again this morning.

The company, which I featured in the weekly column back in April of this year at 29.5p provides registrar and services for new Top Level Domains along with being owner and registrant for a whole portfolio of names.

Although the shares in CNIC, had largely been on the ropes, there appeared at the time of writing upside potential, as the business was successfully diversifying and extending its reach into multiple aspects of the internet domain supply chain.

While for some of us, the company was already on the radar, for others, it remained largely unnoticed, until yesterday that was.

This, was effectively down to the reverberations of Google’s adoption of the as opposed to the more extensive .com domain name.

CNIC does not actually own the suffix, as that is controlled by one Daniel Negari, a 27 year old entrepreneur who started his first business aged twelve and was into Real Estate by eighteen and where now amongst other things, he is CEO of

So, where does CNIC come into this story and what are the future prospects within the area of for the AIM listed company.

Although Negari owns the suffix, CNIC had already been fortunate enough to have established itself as the important backend provider, thus, playing a key role in the launch back in June of this year.

Indeed, Negari had a special thank you to the CNIC team on that day, describing the company as a great partner and being blessed to have it as part of the team moving forward.

Such words would seem to suggest a strong and mutually beneficial relationship, which should bode well for the future prospects of CNIC.

The actual launch of .xyz has been described as one of the most successful gTLD’s to date, where in the first 24 hours alone 31,000 registrations had been received.
However, it is clearly the Google endorsement that packs the punch, which in turn highlights the rather sweet and potentially exciting spot CNIC operates in and now not surprisingly sees the shares sitting at a more elevated 57p each.

Ben Crawford the company’s CEO commenting on the Google adoption said “there can be no better endorsement, also adding, that “.xyz opens the door for a new generation of entrepreneurs”.

Of course, .com took years in the making and building, so its demise is unlikely to be one of great acceleration, perhaps more of a slow decline.

For his part though, Negari certainly appears to be done with .com, having put up the domain name of his last name at no reserve and who would doubt the judgement of this highly successful young man.

But, while the recent news has clearly been the driver of the current share price appreciation and putting the company on a wider investor radar, there is much more to support the story for both the short and longer term.

CNIC had at the time of its full year 2014 results demonstrated a year of significant progress, where the business and potential has opened the door for exposure to multiple aspects of the internet domain supply chain.

That sees it in a solid position on which to further build on a proven long-term annuity style earnings stream across the registry aspect of the business and in a market that is now enjoying significant expansion.

Even allowing for the recent spike in the share price, potential upside would appear be there for the those in for the longer haul, where Broker Zeus Capital has already forecast an impressive 85% growth in EBITDA to £3.2m and a 95% growth rate of adjusted profit after tax of £2.5m which is anticipated rising to £4.1m next year.

Adjusted EPS are expected to come out at 4.2p for this year, increasing to 6.6p for next year, which implies a forward PER of 8 at today’s price of 57p up 17.5%.

Cash generation though is often the proof of the pudding in terms of growth credibility and on that front, things look equally progressive, being forecast to come out at £4.8m for this year, rising to £9.2m in 2016.

Centralnic delivers its Interim results next month and I should be speaking once again with management again in order to receive an update on progress and pen further comment.

CentralNic now ‘top ranked’ after .xyz breakthrough

Source: Proactive Investors.

“This is our first appearance at the top of the rankings and it is an important milestone,” said CEO Ben Crawford

The surge in popularity for the .xyz web domains has propelled CentralNic (LON:CNIC) to the top of the rankings.

CentralNic is now ranked as the number one wholesale distributor – or ‘registry backend’ – for new top level internet domains, according to industry statistics provided by

The top ranking, as at August 14, came at the end of an eventful week which saw Google adopt a .xyz domain for its new corporate website for its new company Alphabet.

Previously, CentralNic had been ranked as the number two wholesale distributor for twelve months.

“Having the world’s leading internet business adopt one of our domains for their next step forward is massive validation for CentralNic’s Top-Level Domains,” said chief executive Ben Crawford.

“Now, for CentralNic as an AIM listed company to be elevated to the number one position globally in new TLDs, in front of multi-billion dollar corporations on NASDAQ, the NYSE, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange is an important milestone in our mission to reach the scale of those other inspirational businesses.

“This is our first appearance at the top of the rankings and it is an important milestone, though of course we expect the rankings to continue shifting in future due to the week- to -week variations in renewals numbers.”

Some 1.4mln web domains had been registered using CentralNic’s registry platform as of today, and that gives the group around 20.5% of the overall market share for generic top level domains.

As well as registrations on to .xyz those stats include 23 other top level domains distributed by CentralNic, domains such as .website, .space, .love, .design, .tickets, .fans, and .bar.

CentralNic receives a share of revenue for all domains registered on the top level domains.

Last week, CentralNic shares surged more than 90% amid reports of the increased popularity of .xyz following Google’s use of the domain for Alphabet.

Internet domain firm CentralNic climbs amid Google’s Alphabet launch on new website

Source: This is Money.

Internet domains firm CentralNic was the stand-out small cap as Google’s high profile name change shone a spotlight on the new trend in web addresses.

Google’s Alphabet launching on new website – not .com – serves as a major endorsement of the new so-called generic ‘top level internet domain’ names (which is the bit after the dot).

The popularity of the new domain is understood to be surging amid Alphabet’s adoption of .xyz, with new sign ups said to be in the region of 3,000 websites per day.

CentralNic is the ‘global wholesaler’ for the .xyz domain, so it gets a share of the revenues as websites are registered.

Ben Crawford, CentralNic’s chief executive, said that .xyz generated its second highest monthly revenues in July, but, that performance has already been bettered in August.

‘.xyz has emerged as a truly contemporary and appropriate top level domain for everyone, everywhere,” he said. “The registration statistics speak for themselves – CentralNic and .xyz are truly delivering entrepreneurship and innovation to the Internet.’

In addition to .xyz CentralNic is also involved with other domains such as .press and .wiki for example.

A 92 per cent rise in CentralNic’s share price in the past is something of a throwback to halcyon dot com days of about a decade and a half ago.

Broadly, though, it was an indifferent week for the small cap market’s FTSE AIM 100 benchmark, which despite a wiggle or two in the meantime is set to end the week more or less where it began.

Commodity price pressure remains a drag on most natural resource firms, while technology shares continue to look an increasingly attractive alternative to investments in metals and hydrocarbons.

Newsflow and company milestones do, of course, still provide opportunities for investors.

African Potash shares just keep on rising since last week’s deal Comesa, a free trade union of twenty African countries. The AIM firm is going to provide 500,000 tonnes of fertiliser over three years.

Intellectual property group Tekcapital was gaining on Friday after it acquired licensing rights to air conditioning efficiency patents.

Pennsylvania based Atlantic Coal, which benefits from a focus on premium product, was up around 8 per cent on Friday after opening a new rail loading facility at its Stockton mine.

News that the British government will ‘fast track’ planning for fracking projects, if local authorities take longer than 16 weeks, helped IGas which is partnered in UK shale projects with INEOS, EDF and Total.

Stephen Bowler, IGas’a recently promoted chief executive, said public concerns around fracking could be helped by a better understanding of shale gas operators’ methods and objectives. IGas shares gained about 15 per cent on Thursday.

David Lenigas – now just a shareholder, and no longer chairman – of UK Oil & Gas, in response to the new planning process, claimed it would be in the national interest if the locals were bypassed altogether.

The government should take decision making for oil and gas permitting away from councils, the outspoken deal maker told his Twitter followers.

Irish oil firm Lansdowne fell sharply, about 60 per cent, after an exploration well in the Celtic Sea failed to find sufficient volumes of gas.

The share had been bought up by speculators in the months leading up the well; nevertheless, it is worth noting that Lansdowne didn’t need to pay so much as a euro for the project. Its partner, Malaysia’s national oil company, Petronas covered the costs for Lansdowne’s 20% stake.

On Wednesday Kibo Mining shares were driven higher by new pre-feasibility findings for a coal-to-power project.

Scooter maker Vmoto saw strong growth in revenue and even stronger growth in earnings in the first half of 2015, so its shares added around 12 per cent on Thursday.

Active Energy, a wood chip supplier to the biomass sector, was hit by a double whammy of a temporary spike in local timber prices in Ukraine and some production line difficulties. The company says its long term prospects are still good, despite this week’s profit warning.

This week’s Chinese currency issues hit Camkids, though a gloomy trading update from the Chinese outdoor wear group obviously played a part too.

CentralNic Group PLC Recognised As Number One Globally in New TLDs

Source: Directors Talk.

CentralNic Group PLC, (LON:CNIC), the internet platform business which derives revenues from the global sale of domain names, is pleased to announce that it is currently ranked number one “registry backend” (ie. Wholesaler) of new TLD domain names globally, on the domain industry statistics website CentralNic attained the top position on Friday 14 August after having ranked number two for the previous twelve months.

As at 7am on Monday 17 August, 1,444,210 domains were registered using CentralNic’s registry platform, relating to 24 new Top-Level Domains, according to CentralNic’s move to pole position follows from the recent surge in interest in the world’s leading new TLD, .xyz, following the adoption of as the official web address for Google’s new parent company, Alphabet.

CentralNic is the exclusive global wholesaler for .xyz, as well as for .website, .space, .love, .design, .tickets, .fans, .bar and many more – receiving a share of revenues for all domains registered under those TLDs.

CentralNic Group PLC CEO Ben Crawford commented “Having the world’s leading internet business adopt one of our domains for their next step forward is massive validation for CentralNic’s Top-Level Domains. Now, for CentralNic as an AIM listed company to be elevated to the number one position globally in new TLDs, in front of multi-billion dollar corporations on NASDAQ, the NYSE, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange is an important milestone in our mission to reach the scale of those other inspirational businesses. This is our first appearance at the top of the rankings and it is an important milestone, though of course we expect the rankings to continue shifting in future due to the week- to -week variations in renewals numbers.”

CentralNic Group PLC’s business continues to grow through renewals and new registrations under already-launched TLDs, through launching new TLDs already under exclusive contract to CentralNic, and through continuing to win new TLD business away from other service providers – CentralNic has been awarded more TLD contracts switched from other service providers than any other company, including .online, .tickets, .fan, .tech , and many more.

CentralNic also operates a leading domain name retail business, with over 600,000 domain names registered to customers in almost every country in the world.

About CentralNic Group PLC

CentralNic (LON:CNIC) is a London-based AIM-listed company which earns revenues from the worldwide sales of internet domain names over its proprietary technology platform. These domain names are sold on an annual subscription basis and paid for by customers upfront, making CentralNic a cash-generative business with annuity revenue streams. CentralNic comprises three business lines within the domain name industry. It operates a global wholesale network, supplying domain names to over 1,500 vendors in 77 countries. CentralNic is the exclusive wholesaler for all domains ending with .tickets, .site, .design .bar, .love, .feedback, .xyz, and over 30 other new Top-Level Domain extensions (the new. alternatives to .com and .net). One in five of all domains registered under new TLDs globally uses the CentralNic platform, ranking CentralNic as the number two global supplier with over one million of these domains under management. CentralNic is also a leading global domain name retailer, with its retail websites including, and Additionally, via its enterprise programme, CentralNic supplies domain names (including high-value premium domain names), software and services directly to large corporations and governments.

Centralnic passes Donuts as Backend Provider For New gTLD Domain Names

Source: The Domains.

According to, CentralNic has passed Donuts in the number of domain names it is providing backend registry services for new gTLD domains. is showing CentralNic having 1,426,647 new gTLD’s under its backend management while Donuts is sitting at 1,425,466 domain names, each representing about 20% of all new gTLD’s.

However CentralNic is the backend provider for just 24 new gTLD’s at the moment while Donuts has 189 active new gTLD’s using its backend system.

In layman’s terms the backend system is the technology and equipment that makes a domain registry work.

Neustar (NSR) is running third with 1,156,204 domain names on its backend registry system, however Neustar did recently buy ARI which is 15th on the list of backend providers with over 50,000 domain names.

Here are the top 15 backend providers according to

1. CentralNic 24 1,426,647 20.32%
2. Donuts Inc. 189 1,425,466 20.30%
3. Neustar Inc. 55 1,156,204 16.46%
4. ZDNS 14 628,789 8.95%
5. Uniregistry Inc. 22 600,179 8.55%
6. Rightside Registry 40 338,573 4.82%
7. Jiangsu Bangning Science & technology Co.,Ltd. 1 247,534 3.52%
8. Minds + Machines Ltd 26 233,950 3.33%
9. Afilias Limited 75 223,415 3.18%
10. TLD-BOX Registrydienstleistungen GmbH 6 137,432 1.96%
11. Verisign, Inc. 59 120,950 1.72%
12. AFNIC 11 94,334 1.34%
13. Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences(China Internet Network Information Center) 2 87,965 1.25%
14. GMO Registry, Inc. 26 51,917 0.74%
15. ARI Registry Services 53 50,921 0.73%