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CentralNic to Launch .CX via its Registry Gateway Service

Source: CentralNic, June 20, 2016

CentralNic will launch the TLD .CX – the domain for good Customer Xperience – on June 22 through its new Registry Gateway Service, making thousands of desirable domains like,,,,, and available at unprecedented pricing.

“CentralNic is delighted to debut .CX over our new Registry Gateway Service, allowing existing CentralNic registrars to obtain .CX domains through their existing EPP integration. .CX has global appeal as the domain for good Customer Xperience, but it also has strong appeal as the well-known abbreviation for ‘Cathay’, an historical name for China. .CX’s huge pool of available names and low price from CentralNic presents a compelling opportunity for companies and domain investors looking to snap up short, popular names with a great generic two-letter TLD,” said Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic.

.CX is free of registration restrictions and offers access to highly desirable generics, keywords and geographics (and most plurals) as well as 95% of 5Ns. Registrars can request a sample list of available names – categorised by popular cities, 95% of five-numeral domains, and keywords that have commanded premium price tags under other TLDs – all available at a low standard wholesale price (with no premium tiers) directly from CentralNic.

The .CX registry is operated by CoCCA, an internet infrastructure support company. “CoCCA welcomes CentralNics innovative use of registry gateway technology to make the domains available to hundreds of registrars globally. We have worked with CentralNIC to develop EPP Extensions that provide the public with more accurate information in the WHOIS on CentralNIC channel partners and resellers. We look forward to working with CentralNIC, as we do with other registrars and the users of our software to enhance its registry functionality”, said Marina Chibisova, COO of CoCCA.

The Administrative contact for the Christmas Island Domain, Garth Miller of Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited, (cxDA) observed that “Christmas Island has a large Chinese community, cxDA is looking forward to the promotion of Chinese IDN names as well as ASCII names, the .cx ccTLD has historically been a very modest registry, a portion of each registration goes to a community-controlled Digital Dividend Fund, cxDA is delighted to welcome CentralNic as a registrar for .CX and hoping that it will increase the revenue to the community fund.”

CentralNic is supporting the launch with an extensive marketing campaign using .CX as the smiley emoji (for happy customers).

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About CentralNic Group PLC

CentralNic (LSE: CNIC) is a London-based AIM-listed company which is the world’s leader in wholesaling domains using the new Top-Level Domains.

CentralNic earns revenues from the worldwide sales of internet domain names over its proprietary technology platforms. These domain names are sold on an annual subscription basis and paid for by customers upfront, making CentralNic a cash-generative business with annuity revenue streams.

The Group comprises three business lines within the domain name industry. It operates a global wholesale network, supplying domain names to over 1,500 vendors in 77 countries. CentralNic is the exclusive wholesaler for over 30 new Top-Level Domain extensions (the new alternatives to .com and .net), Including .xyz, .online, .website, .space, and .site, which are ranked among the top twenty most subscribed new Top-Level Domain extensions. Almost one in four of all domains registered under new TLDs globally uses the CentralNic platform, ranking CentralNic as the leading global supplier with over four million of these domains under management.

CentralNic is also a leading global domain name retailer, with retail websites including, and, as well as most recently and others following its acquisition of global domain name retailer Instra Group. Additionally, via its enterprise programme, CentralNic supplies domain names (including high-value premium domain names), software and services directly to large corporations and governments.

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