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CentralNic Reseller

CentralNic Reseller brands

CentralNic’s Reseller division manages and markets domain names and associated products through a large network of resellers. The division has approximately 20,000 resellers who sell domain names to end-user customers in over 250 countries globally. The division distributes around 1,200 domain extensions through its reseller network, one of the widest range of domain extensions offered in the industry. In addition, the Reseller division supplies products associated with domain names such as website hosting and website security certificates.

CentralNic Reseller, formerly RRPproxy, is one of the leading reseller platforms worldwide for domains and internet related services. CentralNic Reseller’s products are designed for resale and can be easily integrated into retail systems through various API gateways and control panels. Customer management is easy through an advanced subreseller system, an SMS tool and an integrated billing engine.


Instra focuses on resellers and self-serve mid-cap corporate customers. It provides a full suite of domain extensions as well as corporate focused business products such as Domain Trustee services, dedicated account management and expert support.


PartnerGate is a specialist for domain management on a global scale. PartnerGate is selected by wholesale clients as their premium professional internet partner. With PartnerGate’s domain management system, resellers of all sizes can administer and manage domains under all available top-level domains in a fully automated manner. markets domain reseller services to the professional internet services segment, such as hosting and web design companies. It provides a range of popular domain extensions at highly competitive prices. Target customers typically require “trade” pricing and sophisticated tools for managing large domain name portfolios on behalf of third parties.


Key-Systems is one of the leading global players in the internet and domain industry. Its core business is the registration of internet addresses and it currently manages more than 4 million domains on behalf of its customers.


DomiNIC is a workflow management software for the registration and management of domain names, which can be used as an in-house tool by enterprise clients, or as technology enabling corporations with large SME customer bases to monetise those customers by selling them domain names. Some of the largest corporations in the German-speaking markets use DomiNIC, and CentralNic has started introducing it to other markets. CentralNic also offers licenses to its registry software as a component of its offering to corporations launching DotBrand Top Level Domains.


GlobeHosting operates as a registrar and retailer of domain names and SSL certificates, and a hosting provider servicing principally the Romanian and Brazilian markets. GlobeHosting is one of the leading registrars for .RO domain names, the Romanian country code Top Level Domain.


HEXONET manages over 3.8 million domains and is the trusted domain platform of choice for thousands of resellers in over 110 countries. Known as leading developers of domain technologies, HEXONET provides its customers over 730 TLD options, advanced backordering services, domain preorders, and a variety of popular products for resell. Integration is made easy with robust APIs, and WHMCS and Blesta modules.


Established in 2011 TPP Wholesale is Australia’s leading domains and hosting provider. With over 15,000 active resellers, TPP is the defacto choice of resellers from Australasia. The brand offers resellers the ability to resell hundreds of domain extensions, hosting, Office 365 and SSL Certificates to their customers.