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Our Solutions

Obtain a domain name or setup a website

CentralNic’s Retail solutions help individuals, MSMEs, domain investors & enterprises build an online presence. Our goal is to connect with our customers and eliminate the complexities of getting online.

Brands in the division serve 300,000+ customers globally and are a one-stop shop for domain name, website, and security solutions.

Grow and streamline your domain reselling business

CentralNic’s Reseller solutions make registering and managing domain names easy and provide a wealth of add-on revenue-generating products such as hosting, security, and web apps, via our worldwide network of resellers. While distributing over 1,200 domain extensions and pushing the boundary of service and domain technology, the Reseller division supports many of the world’s most successful brands.

Manage your Top Level Domain and DNS

CentralNic Registry operates the world’s best domain registry platform, helping registry operators to successfully operate and market their TLDs through the largest network of active registrars in the industry.

Protect your brand and business online

BrandShelter invigorates the way organisations think about, approach, manage and protect their online digital assets to ensure they are one step ahead of their competitors and cyber threats.

Monetise your domain portfolio

Team Internet offers industry-leading technology and decades of experience to provide proper tooling to monetize the internet. With TONIC., the traffic marketplace, advertisers and publishers alike get the opportunity to buy and sell conversion-optimized traffic to maximize their turnover. ParkingCrew has been known for years as the market leader in the domain parking sector, its services are primarily addressed to domain portfolio holders.

Optimise your online advertising

Zeropark puts “performance” in performance advertising by leveraging superior in-house technology and operational efficiency. The ad exchange connects thousands of advertisers around the world with publishers in real time, serving over 60 million ad impressions daily.