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Our mission is to enable the global online economy to realise its full potential by providing the world’s most popular platforms and by connecting customers with the tools to achieve their online aspirations. 

The internet is a vast ecosystem of small businesses, individuals, large corporations, not-for-profits and Governments. Together, these entities have made information more accessible, services more available, and global commerce more achievable than it was possible to imagine 25 years ago. And we are still in the early stages of this extraordinary technical and cultural flourishing.

CentralNic is privileged to be one of the world’s leading providers of internet infrastructure services. We provide tools for those who wish to go beyond consuming internet content. CentralNic’s services are designed for those who seek to contribute, to communicate, to build, to promote and to earn online. We already serve customers in almost every country, and we aim to build critical mass – country by country – as a technology partner to the world’s leading companies and governments and as a service provider for small businesses, many of which are underserviced.

Our expert staff are expanding our customer reach and our range of services every quarter. We remain constantly engaged in discussions with companies and Governments around the world to encourage them to join forces with us, as some of the best and best-known companies already have. We also make a considerable investment in staff, software and systems to keep the internet more secure and safe for everyone.

Our ambition is to continue our solid growth rate and to become the preferred provider of web presence services in our chosen markets globally. Our constant influx of new customers, new services and new acquisitions will see us continue to grow for many years to come.

About Us

Since flotation in 2013, CentralNic has doubled in size every year for six of the past seven years through a combination of organic growth, winning new clients, introducing new services and successfully executing an ambitious acquisitions strategy.

The foundation of our business is owning and managing the end-to-end supply chain for domain names and related web services. CentralNic’s pioneering omni-platform approach is underpinned by a philosophy of providing every type of customer with world-class solutions.

CentralNic develops and manages its own proprietary software platforms for the global distribution of domain names, to all five major customer groups: small businesses, corporate customers, resellers, domain name investors, and domain name registries (both government-operated and privately owned).

Each of these five customer groups also buys certain domain-related software and services, such as email software, hosting, SSL Certificates, domain name and website monetisation, online brand protection tools, marketing tools and others. CentralNic’s platforms distribute these products and services to CentralNic domain customers, which presents the company with a substantial opportunity to diversify its offerings.

CentralNic Group has been built through a series of acquisitions that have brought together companies in the domain industry with the best software, people and customers. This strategy has led us to our current position as one of the most important providers of internet infrastructure tools globally.

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