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Customer Case Study


CentralNic supplies domains for sale to more than 5,000 resellers including all the world’s largest domain name retailers

  • LTM revenues of $2.57bn.
  • CentralNic:
  • Supplies the long tail of country-code domain names, sourced from 200+ countries and territories around the world
  • Standardises and automates the processes for acquiring those domain names
  • Handles all the manual processes required in registering domain names
  • Centralizes billing with single invoices covering domains with hundreds of sources
  • Without CentralNic, the customer would be required to work with dozens of additional suppliers around the world, each with its own unique protocols, technologies and manual processes and billing

Customer Case Study


CentralNic manages domain portfolios for over 200 large companies

  • There are c. 50,000 domain names in the domain portfolio
  • CentralNic:
  • Buys all domain names that are relevant to the customer on its behalf
  • Administers and reports on the domain portfolio
  • Ensure names are renewed at appropriate time
  • Mitigates online business continuity risk by ensuring domain names are renewed at appropriate time
  • Provides expert advice and guidance on new registrations and administration of the portfolio
  • Failure to renew could result in the customer’s brand and web presence being compromised or face a substantial cost to reclaim domain name
  • CentralNic also provides online domain name monitoring services to effectively and proactively mitigate and defend against online abuse of the customer’s brand

Case Study

Small and home businesses

CentralNic provides more than 250,000 small businesses in almost every country in the world with domains and value-added services.

  • Small businesses typically buy domain names, hosting, website builder, security certificates, email hosting and other services.
  • All services are on a subscription model.
  • CentralNic:
    • Provides domain names using its proprietary software platforms
    • Provides additional services as a reseller of third party providers
    • Manages the customer relationship including billing and customer service
    • Provide expert advice, as an outsourced IT partner, to enable organisations to grow
  • Single office, UK-based company focusing on electrical contracting
  • Small portfolio of domain names
  • Websites hosted through Instra
  • Email hosting through Instra